Adek – A non combustible aluminium decking system for balconies and terraces

Adek is a lightweight, engineered aluminium decking system, specifically designed and manufactured in response to changing building standards to be Class A2FL-s1 fire rated. This is now a legal requirement for any material used in the construction or refurbishment of high-rise buildings of 18m or above. This A2 certification means Adek lends itself to several applications, from balconies and terraces to walkways, in both commercial and domestic developments.

Made from 100% recycled aluminium, Adek is available in two profiles for maximum application versatility:

Made from 100 percent recycled aluminium, Adek is available in two profiles:

Adek 20

20mm deep x 295mm wide
These boards span 600mm with a point load of 4kN.

Adek 30

30mm deep x 295mm wide

These boards span 1200mm with a point load of 4kN.

Fast and simple to install, Adek is robust and durable, suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. Benefiting from concealed fixings, the system is user friendly and adaptable for a wide range of balcony designs and applications.

Its innovative design has resulted in an unrivalled smooth surface which, together with an anti-slip coating, makes Adek safe and comfortable underfoot, even for bare feet, and the perfect choice for residential structures of any height.

Non-combustible: Class A2FL-S1

Meets the latest fire regulations for the external envelope of high-rise buildings

100% Recycled Aluminium: Fully Recyclable

Strong environmental credentials as Adek is manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium and is fully recyclable after use.

Anti-slip coating: Friendly underfoot

Adek has a smooth surface profile covered with an anti-slip coating tested to BS7976-2 which means that it is safe, both in wet and dry conditions, as well as being comfortable underfoot and being visually appealing.

Wear resistant: good durability

Tested to EN660-2 Adek is highly resistant to wear ensuring that the decking continues to look good and perform once in everyday use.

Long-span, extra-wide panel: Fast fix
The system is available with long span, extra wide decking boards which minimizes fixings and therefore increases installation speed.

Concealed fixings: No clips
Adek has been designed as a face fixed system for easy installation. All fixings are within a channel which is then covered to fully conceal all fixing points.

Wider channel: Lifting eye options
Designed with balconies in mind, the wide fixing channel also includes unique eye bolt fixing points (patent pending) allowing the decking system to be fixed off-site and the whole balcony craned into place once complete. Channel covers are simply press-clipped into place once the balcony deck has been fixed in position.

20-year warranty: 50+ year life expectancy
The Adek system is provided with a comprehensive 20-year product warranty and has an expected life in excess of 50 years.

Adek complete aluminium decking system

The correct substructure is a fundamental element in any decking system. Designed as a complete decking system, Adek has its own pedestals and bearers that have been developed specifically for the Adek boards providing you not only peace of mind that the system works in unison but also flexibility in installation.

Adek system components:

  • Aluminium decking boards
  • Adjustable pedestals
  • Bearers
  • Fixings and accessories

Aluminium decking boards


Adjustable Pedestals

Screw fixings

Complete System

For further information on Adek balcony decking systems, or to request a sample or quote before placing an order, call us directly on +44 (0)1978 667 840 or enquire below.