Composite decking screws

Specifically designed to work with quality composite decking, ecodek® have developed a range of decking screws to complement the finished look of the deck. These decking screws are carefully created for us on either steel or aluminium balcony substrates, or for timber and composite sub frames. Composite decking screws are designed with your final aesthetic in mind.

Traditional screws are not entirely suitable for use with our composite decking boards as they are visible and pose a risk of damaging the boards if not properly utilised. Our composite decking screws are specifically designed for us with ecodek® deck boards, giving you peace of mind that your complete decking will look the park, and demonstrate structural integrity.

Ecodek Composite Decking Contact

At ecodek®, we supply decking screws in a range of styles, including balcony screws, composite screws and timber screws, all of which are available in a popular range of colours to match your chosen composite decking finish. Please contact us if you have any queries about using composite decking screws to secure and finish your decking. 

Each of the composite decking screws has a coloured head to match the deck finish. This unique feature is necessary to enhance the overall appearance of your composite decking in situ.
Manufactured from stainless steel, the composite decking screws have a Torx-head drill bit included in the box. For pre-drilling and countersinking the board in one simple operation, the SmartBit® greatly reduces installation time.


Product Specifications

Styles & Sizes: Balcony Screw 38mm, Timber Screw 63mm, Composite Screw 53mm

Available Quantities: Sold in packs of 200

For product codes see Product Selector, pages 64-65